Friday, December 27, 2013

Conditions of the Heart...The Heart is Like a Lotus Flower

I have had an interesting week.  My home was without power for 3 days in below freezing temperatures.  We experienced a very powerful ice storm and many thousands were without heat, light, or communication.  We are fine now but it was challenging.  The GIFT....and there is always a GIFT....was that I got to see that the true warmth is really in people's hearts.  Neighbours, family members, complete strangers reached out to one another.  This was wonderful.  The community as a whole was great.  There were some who you could see were only out to get to where they wanted to go....the the expense of others.....without reaching out to anyone.  That's the way it is.  Some people do suffer from a 'Condition of the Heart'....a big blockage....that makes them self-centred and....I believe.....isolated....from the love that is there for them and longs to move through them to other souls.  It is a condition.

So though I have suffered from physical challenges.....this seems to pale in the face of these chronic heart blockages. 

As we move through earth's transition, I know that these natural calamities will increase.  We must be prepared.  Yet no matter what happens if we are kind, compassionate, unselfish, and loving....everything is illuminated.  This is the true light. 

This is the appreciate that LOVE TRANSFORMS EVERYTHING.  Through the cold and the darkness there was a lot of light. 

Thank you to my family for their support and to everyone.....
Happy Christmas!!!  Happy New Year!!!

The Heart is Like a Lotus Flower....Let it Open

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Karma is the Root Cause of Life Blockages, Illness, Chronic Conditions and More!

I am reflecting on my journey in this lifetime.  It has been challenging.  I have suffered from two chronic conditions....asthma and crohns disease.  Pain is not easy.  Not being able to take a breath is not easy.  We are on this earth to transform everything that is given to us as a 'challenge'.  It may take the form of an illness or a financial or relationship could be anything and everything.

What I know is that the karma that we carry affects us in every aspect of our life.  Karma can be positive or negative.  When we do, think and say positive, unselfish things we gain virtue which is then recorded in our Soul Book or Akashic Book.  When we do, think and say things that harm people... in any way....we gain negative karma which is recorded in our Akashic Book.  We then carry all of this with us from one lifetime to another and another.  Every lifetime becomes the opportunity to clear the negativity.....because it is this karma which causes the challenges that we suffer. 

How do I know this?  I have had my Karma cleared because I knew it was affecting me greatly.  I was dying.  I was literally on the floor not able to move in a great deal of pain.  Master Sha helped me and took the karma away.  Powerful!!!  I literally rose up from the floor.

This is described in Master Sha's latest book...Soul Healing Miracles ...on page 96..

So I am living proof that Karma can literally kill you.  I am also living proof that Karma Clearing can save you.  A true SOUL HEALING MIRACLE!

For me this was quite dramatic.  Everyone does not have the same depends on their soul journey. This was my experience. 

I know that without the Karma clearing I would not only have lost my physical life but I would not have been able to move forward on my soul journey.  This is a critical lifetime for is very special.  For lots of us this is true because it is the time of earth's transition.  Mother Earth will transform.  So we have the opportunity to really advance on the soul path very quickly.  We are saving thousands of lifetimes that we would have had to a physical body...and deal with our karma.  This is the great gift.

What a special time we live in.  Karma Clearing is available to everyone.  I have been the beneficiary and I know the power.

Full Karma Clearing or Cleansing will only be offered until the end of this year.  Divine Guidance is that we do not appreciate this enough and are not learning the lessons that come with the Karma.  If you have done negative things....and we all have....there are lessons we need to learn so we do not repeat this.  Partial Karma Cleansing will continue to be offered.

Connect with me at if you want to know more or through the e-mail attached to this blog.

We are very blessed to be living in an extraordinary time.  I am so grateful for what I have received.
I would not have even dreamt that Karma could be cleared in this way in my lifetime.

I no longer suffer as I did....I am able to continue to live and to serve.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.