Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Purpose of Life is to Serve

Recently I was made aware, again, that our ability to serve is really a matter of how open we are in our hearts.  The purpose of life is to serve.  How can we truly serve if we do not love each other ...if we do not love ourselves.  Yes as I have said in other blogs....self-love and compassion....are really, really important.  Without that it is difficult to experience love.  We want to know what it is...what it feels like ..to receive it...to give it.

I am constantly amazed by the rationalizations we all use to block ourselves from offering service to others.  I hear words like ..."they don't deserve it'  ..."they won't understand it"...."I am so busy...there just isn't enough time".  This is so prevalent. 

I think people have wrong ideas about service.  We had a workshop this past weekend in Toronto for Healing Practitioners and our theme was service.  In a beautiful exercise everyone really came to a deep connection with the "Heart of Service".  Every day is an opportunity to serve.  It is our perspective that needs purifying...our mindsets and belief systems.  We can serve so powerfully through acts of kindness and generosity.  A smile, a helping hand is service.  An attitude of love and support for everyone...no matter who they are....is service.  This is simple but powerful.  We heard example after example of how people are serving every day.  Chanting for others.  Making a phone call or a visit to see if someone is ok or needs some help.  Donating food at the food bank.  Sending out our Divine Healing Hands to offer a blessing.  Caring for nature...caring for our pets.....Remembering to bless our food and offering it to our Spiritual Mothers and Fathers, our teachers...first.  So many ways we can offer service.

I think the key is to be open hearted.  Open yourself fully and you will embody service.

Here is a practice we can do:

When you wake up....first thing...say THANK YOU.
Thank the Divine, the Tao, the Source...all layers of Heaven.  Thank your teacher.  Thank your souls. 
"I am so happy to have the opportunity to serve another day here on Mother Earth.  Bless me with an open heart so that I can see the opportunities in every moment."

Chant whatever you like ie. Love Peace and Harmony, Divine Love

Bow down (minimum 108 times).  Say countless bow downs three times.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Now that is an easy way to begin your day.

The Purpose of Life is to Serve!

Love you all.