Monday, January 20, 2014

Soul Healing Miracles in Orillia

This has been an extraordinary week.  I have spent 8 days with Master Sha at a very special training session for all of his Divine Channels and Disciples.  We are, each one of us, so privileged to be part of his team. We are, each one of us, so privileged to be his disciples....his worldwide representatives.  I cannot say enough about that.

During this special time Master Sha shared with us a new incredible healing tool.  A FA QI.  It is a very beautiful....actually two very created with eagle and peacock feathers.  The power in these FA QIs are beyond description.

As you know I have suffered with two chronic conditions.....asthma and crohn's disease.  The asthma in particular has really affected me lately and I could see that there was more to come.  It depletes my energy and really keeps me from doing all that I want to do.

Master Sha chose me and three others to demonstrate this new Fa Qi.  It was clear that my life was in jeopardy...not immediately....but down the road from this condition .....and I knew that this was a chance to prolong my life.  My soul said YES ....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

The fans were waved around me and as they began their work I saw countless blessings coming to me. Karma was cleared.  Energy blockages were cleared.  Matter blockages were cleared.  I saw dark souls leaving by the millions.  This was very old....from so many previous lifetimes...and it was embedded in every cell...every the DNA and the the soul.....everywhere.

I felt and saw everything being cleansed.  There were instruments cleaning and whole body.  Then treasures began pouring in.  New pink and shiny lungs.  New kidneys.  I was being rejuvenated. My life was being prolonged.  I knew this right away.

Without this tremendous healing my life would be only a few years I could feel the degeneration taking place very quickly.  Since a young age I was aware that I had to struggle for every breath...and in the last few months...there was an ominous sense of the lungs really starting to shut down.  My kidneys were also being affected...and I was suffering pain in that area too.

Now as these new creation....appeared and were now integrating into my body...that sense of impending death...was leaving me.

This may seem dramatic...but I had experienced being on the brink of death more than once...and I know the feeling of the life force leaving one's body.  Master Sha had brought me back from the abyss before but this was different.   Before he had to give me some of his essence...his jing (matter) and qi (energy)...This time it was coming through the FA Qi from the highest realms of of the heavens.

I felt so grateful that I almost collapsed.  I was crying.  I was so touched.  My heart was incredibly open and so so thankful.  Master Sha's generosity...his love....overwhelmed me.

I know that my life has been prolonged.  I know that with daily practice and commitment the healing will continue and I will be here on Mother Earth to serve more.

My physical life is saved.  My soul journey is saved.

I cannot say thank you enough.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Master Sha I love you.  I am so honored to be here with you at this time and I commit myself to serve and serve and serve unconditionally.