Monday, August 4, 2014

Love and Laughter Transforms Everything

Dear all of you who suffer and I know you do.  I have chronic conditions....asthma and Crohns disease...and I know that the true healing comes through the heart.   Just this past weekend I got to both teach and participate in a special workshop in Toronto called Open Your Spiritual Channels.  It was about soul communication but so much healing took place for everyone.  To learn, to heal, to all will happen through the opening of the heart.  We think we listen with our ears but our heart also listens...and our heart has intelligence...and our heart and heart chakra are the centre for our communication with the soul world. Our mind is powerful and our auditory system is powerful but we will not move further on both our human and soul journey until we employ the power of our souls.  Souls plural.  The soul of our heart...the soul of our heart chakra or message centre, as we call it....the soul of our communication channels.

This weekend was about soul communication and as we opened our channels our hearts opened further and further.  I felt my body balancing at the same time.  Everything came together.

I had some laboured breathing on Friday and by Sunday I was breathing easier and better.

We laughed and we cried a little too...but with joy not sadness.

Everyone felt a huge shift happen.

I suggest that we all focus every day to open our hearts further and further.  Apply all the tools and practice of course...but you will feel the benefit much more when the heart is open.

Dear Da AI....  Greatest Love....Open our Hearts

Use the Soul Healing Miracles Book and the calligraphy DA AI  ...figure 18.  Put it on your heart chakra/message centre. 

Dear DA AI.  Let us chant together to open my heart fully.  Let the greatest love come into my heart and let me be the vehicle of DA AI for others.  Thank you.

Chant DA AI for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Do it often.  Close with hao hao hao, thank you, thank you, thank you.

You will feel the power of the Greatest Love and laugh...much joyful.  Life can be challenging but we are so grateful for the opportunity to clear all of our blockages....Love and Laughter can be our tools.

Love you all.  DA  AI.

Master Lynne