Friday, September 18, 2015

Honolulu Sacred Healing Field Miracles

I am currently in Honolulu Hawaii with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  I came here to study but also to heal.  Recently the symptoms of Crohn's Disease have returned.  I know it is part of my purification process....part of my soul journey. The effect on my physical body is quite intense though and I have not had alot of stamina to do my work.  I decided quite quickly to come here to experience a healing 'field' that Master Sha has created in Honolulu.  If this term is unfamiliar to you...know that he has created through his very special calligraphies.....a unique space filled with high frequency heal and transform the people who come to spend time there.  It is literally a room...with massage tables...beautifully decorated and comfortable ...that you can come to...make a request for healing or transformation....then lie down and experience the sacred power.

It is sacred and it is powerful.  I can attest to that.  Even as I came into the building for the first time, right off the plane, I felt the vibration coming at me like waves.  When I did lie down I immediately did a forgiveness practice and made a request for healing.  Within minutes I was transported.  I went into emptiness.  Only thirty minutes later I felt quite refreshed even though I had been travelling...planes and layovers...for almost 24 hours.  Wow.  This was doubt about it.

By the next morning after a very deep and peaceful sleep I noticed that the Crohn's symptoms were no longer there.  No discharges....just normal.   I was amazed.  It was very quick.

For the next week I continued to spend hours a day in this precious 'healing field' of light.  I saw through my third eye many healing angels, buddhas, and more ...come to offer their support to everyone in the room. Every day I have grown stronger and stronger myself.  There has been deep healing, deep transformation.  I literally saw shen (soul heart and mind) blockages, jing(matter) blockages, and chi(energy) blockages leaving my body and leaving others' bodies.  I have had profound realizations about my human and soul journey.

There are miracles happening in this field. People walk in with pain and leave pain-free.  I did.

This is a special time on Mother Earth as Master Sha is here to offer us 'miracle healing'.  Come to our Honolulu Healing Centre....Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre in Honolulu Hawaii.  Go to to find out more and don't hesitate.  I didn't and my life has been changed.

I am so grateful.

Thank you Master Sha for this great gift.  We are all blessed.

Master Lynne Nusyna