Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Insights and Realizations.....Open the Heart....Receive Divine's Healing Hands...Maximize the Benefits

This past week I had the opportunity to teach with the other Divine Channels in Toronto.  Our focus was the thirty Divine Channels in Training and preparing them to be Guides or Facilitators for new Soul Healers.  More specifically these healers would receive Divine Healing Hands and in turn, after training, offer soul healing blessings to others.  These are Divine's Soul Hands.....truly. 

I have witnessed this download of Divine's Hands many, many times over the past four years and every time it is a blessing.  We are living in the time of the Earth's Transition....the Soul Light Era has begun.  During this special time there will be many, many changes here on Mother Earth and as in all things.....change can be challenging.  We know what it is personally.  Now imagine that happening for all the billions here on the planet....and ...Mother Earth herself. 

That is why we are seeing so much environmental change.  In our area of Canada we never had tornados or flash floods.  Now they are almost a daily occurrence. 

I was so blessed to be with all these 'trainees' as they prepared to offer this special training to the public.  So many are waiting for the opportunity to serve.  So many are waiting for the tools to serve.

Divine Healing Hands is a most incredible tool.  The best.

I have many healing treasures and abilities and this one is very special.  It is so pure as it carries Divine's                           Love



This is a huge blessing for soul, heart, mind and body.  

What I experienced this weekend was a huge open of everyone's heart.  HUGE.  You could feel the love moving through us all.

When you offer healing with a truly open is the love that increases the power and the benefits of the healing.  LOVE TRULY HEALS ALL BLOCKAGES!

This was not a new insight....but....because so many were experiencing so much all at once...the power struck me anew.   A good feeling.

The insight is that true healing is always about Love....and true Forgiveness really does bring inner joy and inner peace.

You can hear the words over and over but the experience is what makes for the shift. 

Also....I didn't cough hardly at all and my lungs felt much lighter.  This is I have been coughing steadily for the last 3 weeks.  Love Love and more Love.

You can become a Divine Healing Hands Healer.

See Master Sha's website, Become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer