Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Compassion for Ourselves ...a Soul Healing Miracle Transformation

I have been very aware that my tendency to be 'hard on myself' is habitual.  I first noticed it when I realized how much stress I have been experiencing in my body.  A lot of stiffness in the joints and muscle tissue, pressure in the abdomen, headaches and neck aches.  When I asked for some guidance there came a burst of information about how I tell myself that I am not measuring up...not doing enough....on a very regular basis.  It is not so much that I am not succeeding or even if I am....but....the process of self-criticism and negativity is the habit.  I know it is from this lifetime and past lifetimes because it feels so ingrained.

In the Soul Healing Miracles Book written by Master Sha there is the wonderful calligraphy DA CI BEI. This means 'Greatest Forgiveness'.  I use this quite often to chant with and when I put my palm on it or put it up to my body I have experienced resistance.  This manifests in different ways.  Sometimes  I lose track of the mantra and my words are jumbled or I fall asleep or my mind jumps in and I go off on a trail of thinking. I noticed this pattern.  This is what led me to seek out soul guidance.  I received the teaching that each mantra when sung or spoken is what we become.  When we have resistance that means we do not want to align with this.  I asked further and found this deep seeded inner mantra that I am carrying regarding not being worthy or deserving of compassion from myself and from others.

Of course when we cannot come to terms with our own self....when we do not have self-compassion and is difficult to accept this from others ...AND...we find it difficult to give it to others.

This blocks our human journey.  This blocks our soul journey.  We are here to serve and when we cannot extend ourselves ...heart to others we cannot serve fully.

This is a powerful teaching and one that keeps coming forward in my meditation.  Therefore I know that I am still carrying blockages in regard to self-compassion.

I know from talking with 100s of people over the years that I have been a counsellor and now Divine Channel...that many, many people lack this in their lives.  It is a blockage that can be worked does require some understanding of how we manifest it in our life.  As I said earlier...we can recognize it but the process of how we do it to ourselves, our self-talk, our negativity and the manifestation in our bodies...will help us to work with it on a daily basis.

An old pattern, mindset, attitude and belief ...about ourself...about anything or anyone.....can be released, transformed successfully.  We have to apply ourselves and be more self-aware and willing to commit to the process of transformation.  I now practice regularly with Da Ci Bie mantra and with the calligraphy and the blockages are clearing.

It has been painful understand how I have maintained this pattern for so Master Sha has shared with us in his teachings...No Pain No Gain!...We have to be willing to clear ourselves so we can evolve on our soul journey.

Practice with me now:

Dear Divine
Dear Tao
Dear Source
Dear Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ci Bei
Dear the Mantra Da Ci Bei
Dear all the saints, all of heaven and the treasures in the calligraphy
I love you honor you and appreciate you
Please clear the blockages I have for self-compassion and compassion for others
Please forgive me and my ancestors for all of our mistakes in this lifetimes and past lifetimes in this regard
I forgive others for their mistakes
I commit to serve others unconditionally to make others happier and healthier
I will work together with humanity and all souls to create Love Peace and Harmony Universal family
Thank you

Chant:   Da Ci Bei.....Da Ci Bei.....Da Ci Bei ....Da Ci Bei

Close:   Hao Hao Hao ...Thank you Thank you Thank you... Gong Song Gong Song

Practicing this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time is powerful  Use the calligraphy in the book Soul Healing Miracles figure 21.  Put your palm on it or hold it up to your heart chakra area.

We have been given great treasures to work with and the self-healing can really be successful if we do the practices.  I am a testament to that and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Much COMPASSION to you all.