Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spiritual Testing is an Opportunity for Healing and Transformation

During the last few weeks I have experienced a great deal of physical pain that has come in waves.  Both abdominal and respiratory.  Although the pain is manageable and has not kept me from working I find it can be very tiring.  I practice daily and do a lot of forgiveness .  This truly helps and as I do more the pain has lessened.  I see this as spiritual testing.  When things become challenging I have experienced the return of the old conditions...the crohns and the asthma.  It is truly a wake up call to do personal reflection and ask why this is happening.  As I did this...immediately answers started to come and forgiveness was at the top of the list.  More forgiveness of others....more forgiveness of myself. 

We do hold ourselves in great accountability becomes more like blame.  I felt this and as I saw what I had been doing to myself, I realized that this is an old pattern of not forgiving myself.  I am very hard on myself.  The physical pain is a reminder of that.

So I put myself in the circle of golden light and began:

Dear all the souls that I have harmed or hurt in this life time or previous lifetimes ...

Please forgive me

I am truly sorry for my mistakes

Dear all the souls that have harmed or hurt me

I forgive you and clear the blockages between us

Dear my own soul....I forgive you truly for all the mistakes I have made in any lifetime

Let us all chant together

Divine Forgiveness

Let us all come together as unconditional universal servants to serve humanity and all souls unconditionally

Thank you

Than I chanted and saw all these souls ...Beautiful light...heart touching forgiveness

I feel much better now...

I love the spiritual testing.  What a reminder for us all.

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you