Friday, September 18, 2015

Honolulu Sacred Healing Field Miracles

I am currently in Honolulu Hawaii with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  I came here to study but also to heal.  Recently the symptoms of Crohn's Disease have returned.  I know it is part of my purification process....part of my soul journey. The effect on my physical body is quite intense though and I have not had alot of stamina to do my work.  I decided quite quickly to come here to experience a healing 'field' that Master Sha has created in Honolulu.  If this term is unfamiliar to you...know that he has created through his very special calligraphies.....a unique space filled with high frequency heal and transform the people who come to spend time there.  It is literally a room...with massage tables...beautifully decorated and comfortable ...that you can come to...make a request for healing or transformation....then lie down and experience the sacred power.

It is sacred and it is powerful.  I can attest to that.  Even as I came into the building for the first time, right off the plane, I felt the vibration coming at me like waves.  When I did lie down I immediately did a forgiveness practice and made a request for healing.  Within minutes I was transported.  I went into emptiness.  Only thirty minutes later I felt quite refreshed even though I had been travelling...planes and layovers...for almost 24 hours.  Wow.  This was doubt about it.

By the next morning after a very deep and peaceful sleep I noticed that the Crohn's symptoms were no longer there.  No discharges....just normal.   I was amazed.  It was very quick.

For the next week I continued to spend hours a day in this precious 'healing field' of light.  I saw through my third eye many healing angels, buddhas, and more ...come to offer their support to everyone in the room. Every day I have grown stronger and stronger myself.  There has been deep healing, deep transformation.  I literally saw shen (soul heart and mind) blockages, jing(matter) blockages, and chi(energy) blockages leaving my body and leaving others' bodies.  I have had profound realizations about my human and soul journey.

There are miracles happening in this field. People walk in with pain and leave pain-free.  I did.

This is a special time on Mother Earth as Master Sha is here to offer us 'miracle healing'.  Come to our Honolulu Healing Centre....Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre in Honolulu Hawaii.  Go to to find out more and don't hesitate.  I didn't and my life has been changed.

I am so grateful.

Thank you Master Sha for this great gift.  We are all blessed.

Master Lynne Nusyna

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Body is Still Healing....Spiritual Testing

Recently I have been going through alot of Spiritual Testing. Through this process I have begun to show the symptoms of my physical conditions....asthma and crohn's disease...again.  I won't describe it in detail but suffice to say that they are both quite painful.  I asked my heavens team why this was happening and they told me that I have to purify more...alot...and so the conditions have manifested to remind me that this is my job here on Mother Earth to clear my blockages, particularly my karma and not create anymore. Sometimes this is required for us to realize what is really happening.

Our physical body is the vehicle for the soul journey.  Everything may manifest over and over again if we are not clearing the blockages.  The biggest test is that we, most of us, continue to create new karma through our thinking and our words.  Thoughts are the biggest challenge. Not to be negative, critical, complaintive, judgemental.....this is hard.

This is my challenge too.  So I recommend constant vigilance and constant forgiveness practice:

Dear all the souls that I have harmed or hurt in this lifetime or past lifetimes please forgive me
Dear all the souls that my ancestors have harmed or hurt....please forgive us
We deeply apologize

Dear all the souls that have harmed or hurt us
We forgive you unconditionally

We know that to ask for forgiveness is not enough
We must serve

Let us join hearts and souls together to serve humanity and all souls

Thank you

Now chant:

I Love My Heart and Soul
I Love All Humanity
Join Hearts and Souls Together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

This Divine Soul Song will help us to clear all the blockages.  Chant this sincerely.

This I do regularly....Join Me.  We cannot chant enough.

Hao Hao Hao   Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Transformation Through Personal Loss

Dear all,

In April my dear mother, Ruth Nusyna, transitioned.  It was a shock even though she was 93 years old.  Up until the day of her passing she was still driving and leading an independent life with support from our family...children and grandchildren.  We all felt as if the anchor of our life was pulled away from us.  We still do.  Grief is very challenging especially when a loved one who played such an important part in your life is no longer there.

It is true that I have many tools and a spiritual perspective that tells me that human life is transient and indeed the vehicle for our continued transformation so our soul can move forward.   I know this but it takes real life experiences to show you how to really live this perspective.  We must give thanks for those who provided us such unconditional love and care but not linger with the sense of loss.

I am learning about non-attachment.  I am learning that grief has been with me for many lifetimes not just this one.  It is this great sorrow that has kept me weak in my lungs and metal element is not in balance.  I am sad for many things I have done in past lives too and have not been able to accept the forgiveness of others.  Most important I cannot forgive myself.

This passing of my mother has shown me all of this.  So it has been transformative to a huge degree.

Now I am facing another challenge as my daughter is going to move far away from me.  She has a great job opportunity.  I am thrilled for her but I am also missing her...and she hasn't gone yet.

I believe that all of this is deep and profound testing.  I know that nothing is accidental or random. There is purpose here.  I am learning how to live...truly...what I teach.  Love unconditionally.  Love without attachment.  Allow everyone to follow their path and learn their lessons. Our human life is truly a training ground for our soul life and we can experience and learn so much.

We are constantly transforming.

Gratitude.  Gratitude.  Gratitude.

Master Lynne

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spiritual Testing is an Opportunity for Healing and Transformation

During the last few weeks I have experienced a great deal of physical pain that has come in waves.  Both abdominal and respiratory.  Although the pain is manageable and has not kept me from working I find it can be very tiring.  I practice daily and do a lot of forgiveness .  This truly helps and as I do more the pain has lessened.  I see this as spiritual testing.  When things become challenging I have experienced the return of the old conditions...the crohns and the asthma.  It is truly a wake up call to do personal reflection and ask why this is happening.  As I did this...immediately answers started to come and forgiveness was at the top of the list.  More forgiveness of others....more forgiveness of myself. 

We do hold ourselves in great accountability becomes more like blame.  I felt this and as I saw what I had been doing to myself, I realized that this is an old pattern of not forgiving myself.  I am very hard on myself.  The physical pain is a reminder of that.

So I put myself in the circle of golden light and began:

Dear all the souls that I have harmed or hurt in this life time or previous lifetimes ...

Please forgive me

I am truly sorry for my mistakes

Dear all the souls that have harmed or hurt me

I forgive you and clear the blockages between us

Dear my own soul....I forgive you truly for all the mistakes I have made in any lifetime

Let us all chant together

Divine Forgiveness

Let us all come together as unconditional universal servants to serve humanity and all souls unconditionally

Thank you

Than I chanted and saw all these souls ...Beautiful light...heart touching forgiveness

I feel much better now...

I love the spiritual testing.  What a reminder for us all.

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chanting for World Peace

Chanting for World Peace. 

For the last few years we have been chanting on Master Sha's TV Channel during Christmas and New Years for World Peace.  The Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony is the perfect mantra for this service.  It was given to Master Sha by Divine to help us move through this time of transition and to gather souls together 'as one'.  The words are:

I Love MY Heart and Soul
I Love All Humanity
Join HEARTS and SOULS together

The words are very specific.  First line....I love myself.   This is not easy as many people suffer from a lack of self-love.  This will block us on our soul journey.   What you chant is what you become.  When we chant  "I Love My Heart and Soul" we are embodying self-love.  This is key.

Then we send our LOVE to all souls, all humanity,  We open our hearts to them and then tell all to Join their hearts and souls together with each other and with us.  Then all of us will embody true

This is what will unite us.  What a blessing.

Master Sha received this as an 'anthem' for the Soul Light Era.  It is a 'calling' to all souls to join together as ONE. 

Join us on the Chanting Channel and you will experience the power, the love, the compassion, the forgiveness and the light of the Divine.  This is truly healing and in chanting you will be self-clearing your own karma too. 

Thank you all.  Happy New Year!!

Master Lynne

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pathway to Wellness

We are bringing a new program to Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre in Toronto. It is called Pathway to Wellness using Divine Healing Hands.  As someone who has suffered with two chronic critical...conditions I can say that Soul Healing has truly saved my life. Part of that healing process has been about becoming a healer myself. 

I had used many healing modalities and had been trained as an energy healer. Reiki and Healing Touch had helped me but Soul Healing really got to the root cause....which is karma.  Soul blockages are really what  are manifesting both the asthma and the crohn's disease. So I had to work at the soul level.

Master Sha trained me as first a Power Healer...then a Soul Mind Body Medicine Healer.....and then a Divine Soul Healer......Eventually all of us became Divine Healing Hands Healers. As Master Sha evolved...the healing evolved.

Divine Healing Hands are literally God's Soul Hands.  We receive transmissions of the divine frequency and  vibration...light, love, forgiveness, compassion...and then offer this to heal others and ourselves. This is quite miraculous.  So many people have benefited from this and I myself can feel the healing when I offer it to others and myself.  To be able to serve people in that way is a true blessing.

So we are going to offer this as part of a program for healing chronic and life critical conditions.  People will come to the Centre....receive the Divine Healing Hands transmission....then we will train them to use them and over an 8 week period provide a group setting to practice and continue to heal. 

We will have a community of healing.  Participants will be supported during the week with teleconferences and other special blessings.  They can then re-enroll to continue..if they wish.  The Divine Healing Hands treasure is permanent...they will be able to use this healing blessing continuously for themselves and for family members and friends. 

This will begin in January 2015 and we are so looking forward to it.  I have always wanted to support people in their healing just as I have been through Master Sha. 

I will tell you more in the future.  If you know people in our local area who could benefit.  Let them know about it.

We are blessed.