Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Body is Still Healing....Spiritual Testing

Recently I have been going through alot of Spiritual Testing. Through this process I have begun to show the symptoms of my physical conditions....asthma and crohn's disease...again.  I won't describe it in detail but suffice to say that they are both quite painful.  I asked my heavens team why this was happening and they told me that I have to purify more...alot...and so the conditions have manifested to remind me that this is my job here on Mother Earth to clear my blockages, particularly my karma and not create anymore. Sometimes this is required for us to realize what is really happening.

Our physical body is the vehicle for the soul journey.  Everything may manifest over and over again if we are not clearing the blockages.  The biggest test is that we, most of us, continue to create new karma through our thinking and our words.  Thoughts are the biggest challenge. Not to be negative, critical, complaintive, judgemental.....this is hard.

This is my challenge too.  So I recommend constant vigilance and constant forgiveness practice:

Dear all the souls that I have harmed or hurt in this lifetime or past lifetimes please forgive me
Dear all the souls that my ancestors have harmed or hurt....please forgive us
We deeply apologize

Dear all the souls that have harmed or hurt us
We forgive you unconditionally

We know that to ask for forgiveness is not enough
We must serve

Let us join hearts and souls together to serve humanity and all souls

Thank you

Now chant:

I Love My Heart and Soul
I Love All Humanity
Join Hearts and Souls Together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

This Divine Soul Song will help us to clear all the blockages.  Chant this sincerely.

This I do regularly....Join Me.  We cannot chant enough.

Hao Hao Hao   Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

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