Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chanting for World Peace

Chanting for World Peace. 

For the last few years we have been chanting on Master Sha's TV Channel during Christmas and New Years for World Peace.  The Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony is the perfect mantra for this service.  It was given to Master Sha by Divine to help us move through this time of transition and to gather souls together 'as one'.  The words are:

I Love MY Heart and Soul
I Love All Humanity
Join HEARTS and SOULS together

The words are very specific.  First line....I love myself.   This is not easy as many people suffer from a lack of self-love.  This will block us on our soul journey.   What you chant is what you become.  When we chant  "I Love My Heart and Soul" we are embodying self-love.  This is key.

Then we send our LOVE to all souls, all humanity,  We open our hearts to them and then tell all to Join their hearts and souls together with each other and with us.  Then all of us will embody true

This is what will unite us.  What a blessing.

Master Sha received this as an 'anthem' for the Soul Light Era.  It is a 'calling' to all souls to join together as ONE. 

Join us on the Chanting Channel and you will experience the power, the love, the compassion, the forgiveness and the light of the Divine.  This is truly healing and in chanting you will be self-clearing your own karma too. 

Thank you all.  Happy New Year!!

Master Lynne

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pathway to Wellness

We are bringing a new program to Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre in Toronto. It is called Pathway to Wellness using Divine Healing Hands.  As someone who has suffered with two chronic ...life critical...conditions I can say that Soul Healing has truly saved my life. Part of that healing process has been about becoming a healer myself. 

I had used many healing modalities and had been trained as an energy healer. Reiki and Healing Touch had helped me but Soul Healing really got to the root cause....which is karma.  Soul blockages are really what  are manifesting both the asthma and the crohn's disease. So I had to work at the soul level.

Master Sha trained me as first a Power Healer...then a Soul Mind Body Medicine Healer.....and then a Divine Soul Healer......Eventually all of us became Divine Healing Hands Healers. As Master Sha evolved...the healing evolved.

Divine Healing Hands are literally God's Soul Hands.  We receive transmissions of the divine frequency and  vibration...light, love, forgiveness, compassion...and then offer this to heal others and ourselves. This is quite miraculous.  So many people have benefited from this and I myself can feel the healing when I offer it to others and myself.  To be able to serve people in that way is a true blessing.

So we are going to offer this as part of a program for healing chronic and life critical conditions.  People will come to the Centre....receive the Divine Healing Hands transmission....then we will train them to use them and over an 8 week period provide a group setting to practice and continue to heal. 

We will have a community of healing.  Participants will be supported during the week with teleconferences and other special blessings.  They can then re-enroll to continue..if they wish.  The Divine Healing Hands treasure is permanent...they will be able to use this healing blessing continuously for themselves and for family members and friends. 

This will begin in January 2015 and we are so looking forward to it.  I have always wanted to support people in their healing just as I have been through Master Sha. 

I will tell you more in the future.  If you know people in our local area who could benefit.  Let them know about it.

We are blessed.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tao Teachings Are Healing for Every Aspect of One's Life

Over the last five years I have been very blessed to be able to participate in new and profound teachings from the Tao.  There have been Taoist teachings in the past...BUT....the essence has been largely hidden.  Master Zhi Gang Sha is presenting this to humanity with brand new wisdom and new practices.

This will build the foundation to be able to live a very long and healthy life.  It is possible to reverse the aging process so we 'turn to the condition of a baby'.....this is called Fan Lao Huan Tong....

For those of us that have suffered with chronic physical conditions this is amazing.

I have benefited so much from these teachings.  The practices are very applicable to our daily life. 

When I was young I read the writings of Lao Tse...known as the Taoist Saint and Teacher.  I have always been attracted to the teachings...and I knew there were beings on Mother Earth who were living 100s of years...perhaps more...but I didn't know the wisdom. 

Now Master Sha is making this and much much more to everyone who hears the calling. 

There will be 5 retreats in Sedona Arizona.  Tao I, II, III, IV will be in-person and via webcast.  Tao V is an in-person event.

Truly there is no where else you can receive this teaching.  I will be there.  I know it will transform your life.  I am including below a link to find out more and to register

Tao I-V Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, November 11-28. Join me to learn sacred Tao wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques and receive soul healing blessings to heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of your life and bless your soul journey beyond words, thoughts, and comprehension.

Firuzan Mistry's photo.

Love you all....Please join me for these life changing events.

Master Lynne

Friday, September 19, 2014

Purification is My Friend

I have been moving through a lot of  'purification' since my return from a major retreat a month ago.  It has been physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  What that means physically for me is that I have been experiencing symptoms of the conditions I suffer from...both the asthma and the crohn's disease.  It is amazing how this works.  Master Sha talks about XIU LIAN...purification practice....as being the 'totality of one's spiritual journey'.  We all have to purify our soul, heart, mind and body.  Clear all blockages.  

When this deep purification emerges we are really blessed.  It is a tremendous opportunity to move further on our soul journey faster. 


If we can see this is a great opportunity and truly be grateful....we will see the results demonstrated in every aspect of our human life and our soul journey.

I have witnessed my own process and see that this is revealing some very, very old blockages.  They have been with me for so many lifetimes. 

Deep wells of grief and sadness, fear and more.  This is so wonderful when I can see what is at the root of these blockages.  It affirms so much of the wisdom.  The soul carries the history of our past lives and it manifest in our body, in our mind, in our emotions. 

I have been doing a practice for my lungs quite often and lots of forgiveness.  Here is one practice for the lungs:

Metal Element....Practice for the Lungs, Large Intestine, nose, and skin, as well as grief and sadness

Body Power:  Point your ring fingers at each other so that the tips are as close as possible without touching. (ring finger represents the Metal element)  Hold in front of your lower abdomen below the navel

Sound Power:  Chant repeatedly
                         Gain lung power, thank you
                         Gain large intestine power, thank you
                         Gain nose power, thank you
                         Gain skin power, thank you
                         Inner Beauty Outer Beauty, thank you
                         Heal sadness and grief, thank you

Mind Power:  Visualize golden light radiating throughout your lungs, large intestine, nose and skin

Soul Power: 
                      Dear Divine, Tao, Source and beloved Master Sha
                      Dear soul mind and body of my ring fingers,
                      Dear soul mind and body of my lungs, large intestine, nose and skin
                      Dear soul mind and body of all of my systems, organs and cells
                      Dear soul mind and body of all Metal elements in all universes
                      I love you honor you and appreciate you
                      You have the power to heal my lungs, large intestine, nose and skin
                      You have the power to heal and transform sadness and grief
                       Do a good job.
                      Thank you very much

Close:  after 10 minutes
             Hao Hao Hao     Thank you  Thank you  Thank you.

(excerpts from Divine Transformation book...Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha)

Do this practice often and you will feel things shift.  Remember

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inner Peace and Inner Joy through Forgiveness

Recently I had the opportunity to really focus on what I would call some 'unfinished business' in some of my relationships.  I noticed that I was experiencing some negativity when I saw certain people, thought of certain people or even looked at a picture of certain people.  Some of them have already transitioned too.

When there is a reaction to someone or a situation, I know that I have to transform this really quickly.  Why?  If we don't transform it then we will carry even more karma than is already there between oneself and this person.  We know there is karma or we wouldn't feel what we are feeling. 

How to do this? Master Sha has given us some incredible tools to work with.  In the Soul Healing Miracles book there is a calligraphy called Da Kuan Shu.  This translates to 'greatest forgiveness'. We can use this calligraphy....trace it with our fingers, and/or put it on our message centre....and chant with it.  Each calligraphy carries tremendous blessings.  There is a 'source field' of love, forgiveness, compassion and light that is created by each of them.  They carry source matter (jing), energy (chi) and shen (soul, heart and mind).  So...to chant with the Da Kuan Shu is to benefit in many ways.

Here is a way to practice:

Dear Divine, Dear Tao, The Source
Dear the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Kuan Shu
Dear all the saints, Heaven's saints, animals and Heaven's Treasures within the calligraphy

I am honored to receive your blessing to help me to transform

Please forgive my ancestors and me for all of the mistakes that we have made in all lifetimes

Dear the souls that we have harmed, hurt or taken advantage of in all lifetimes

I deeply apologize for all the mistakes

Dear all the souls that have harmed, hurt or taken advantage of me, my family, my ancestors

We forgive you

I will serve other unconditionally to make others happier and healthier

I will work together with humanity and all souls to create a Love Peace Harmony Universal Family

Love you   Love you  Love  you

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

.Now chant Da Kuan Shu for a minimum of ten minutes.  Visualize these souls in front of you surrounded by light and infused with light. 

If there are specific people you wish to focus on ...you can do that.

*I do this many times daily.  When I do I think about the people, past and present, that I have had the reaction to.  Is it still there?  Do I feel more inner peace and inner joy when I think of them?  This is a measurement of success.  This is forgiveness.

Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

Blessings to all.  We cannot do enough forgiveness work.

Master Lynne


Monday, August 4, 2014

Love and Laughter Transforms Everything

Dear all of you who suffer and I know you do.  I have chronic conditions....asthma and Crohns disease...and I know that the true healing comes through the heart.   Just this past weekend I got to both teach and participate in a special workshop in Toronto called Open Your Spiritual Channels.  It was about soul communication but so much healing took place for everyone.  To learn, to heal, to transform.....it all will happen through the opening of the heart.  We think we listen with our ears but our heart also listens...and our heart has intelligence...and our heart and heart chakra are the centre for our communication with the soul world. Our mind is powerful and our auditory system is powerful but we will not move further on both our human and soul journey until we employ the power of our souls.  Souls plural.  The soul of our heart...the soul of our heart chakra or message centre, as we call it....the soul of our communication channels.

This weekend was about soul communication and as we opened our channels our hearts opened further and further.  I felt my body balancing at the same time.  Everything came together.

I had some laboured breathing on Friday and by Sunday I was breathing easier and better.

We laughed and we cried a little too...but with joy not sadness.

Everyone felt a huge shift happen.

I suggest that we all focus every day to open our hearts further and further.  Apply all the tools and practice of course...but you will feel the benefit much more when the heart is open.

Dear Da AI....  Greatest Love....Open our Hearts

Use the Soul Healing Miracles Book and the calligraphy DA AI  ...figure 18.  Put it on your heart chakra/message centre. 

Dear DA AI.  Let us chant together to open my heart fully.  Let the greatest love come into my heart and let me be the vehicle of DA AI for others.  Thank you.

Chant DA AI for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Do it often.  Close with hao hao hao, thank you, thank you, thank you.

You will feel the power of the Greatest Love and laugh...much more....be joyful.  Life can be challenging but we are so grateful for the opportunity to clear all of our blockages....Love and Laughter can be our tools.

Love you all.  DA  AI.

Master Lynne

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Insights and Realizations.....Open the Heart....Receive Divine's Healing Hands...Maximize the Benefits

This past week I had the opportunity to teach with the other Divine Channels in Toronto.  Our focus was the thirty Divine Channels in Training and preparing them to be Guides or Facilitators for new Soul Healers.  More specifically these healers would receive Divine Healing Hands and in turn, after training, offer soul healing blessings to others.  These are Divine's Soul Hands.....truly. 

I have witnessed this download of Divine's Hands many, many times over the past four years and every time it is a blessing.  We are living in the time of the Earth's Transition....the Soul Light Era has begun.  During this special time there will be many, many changes here on Mother Earth and as in all things.....change can be challenging.  We know what it is personally.  Now imagine that happening for all the billions here on the planet....and ...Mother Earth herself. 

That is why we are seeing so much environmental change.  In our area of Canada we never had tornados or flash floods.  Now they are almost a daily occurrence. 

I was so blessed to be with all these 'trainees' as they prepared to offer this special training to the public.  So many are waiting for the opportunity to serve.  So many are waiting for the tools to serve.

Divine Healing Hands is a most incredible tool.  The best.

I have many healing treasures and abilities and this one is very special.  It is so pure as it carries Divine's                           Love



This is a huge blessing for soul, heart, mind and body.  

What I experienced this weekend was a huge open of everyone's heart.  HUGE.  You could feel the love moving through us all.

When you offer healing with a truly open heart....it is the love that increases the power and the benefits of the healing.  LOVE TRULY HEALS ALL BLOCKAGES!

This was not a new insight....but....because so many were experiencing so much all at once...the power struck me anew.   A good feeling.

The insight is that true healing is always about Love....and true Forgiveness really does bring inner joy and inner peace.

You can hear the words over and over but the experience is what makes for the shift. 

Also....I didn't cough hardly at all and my lungs felt much lighter.  This is great...as I have been coughing steadily for the last 3 weeks.  Love Love and more Love.

You can become a Divine Healing Hands Healer.

See Master Sha's website, Become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer


Monday, June 16, 2014

Healing Through Sacred Calligraphy

I have been fortunate enough to be present at the first ever Source Chinese Calligraphy Training in Toronto Canada.

The Source Calligraphy can be applied anywhere anytime to heal soul, heart, mind and body; boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity; open spiritual channels; and transform relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

We were all totally immersed in this.  There were about 160 people from all over the world.  After 7 days of training....we all passed.  I can now write the sacred phrases....Ling Guan... Soul Light and Tao Guan.....Tao Light quite well.  It is a 'one stroke' brush, ink and paper application...We used a special paper and water instead of ink...to practice.  It is so amazing because it is truly done with one continuous stroke and must be perfectly balanced.  I loved this.

I am also now going to become a Calligraphy Healer so I can write these phrases for someone and they will be blessed with a soul healing...even remotely. 

Master Sha also used his own calligraphy to offer me a blessing for my lungs...which were very heavily congested.  I am much better now. 

Every day I am truly amazed by the treasures that Master Sha is bringing to us.  This is a most powerful healing tool.  I really am looking forward to sharing this with so many people.

If you have a condition that requires healing....contact me so I can offer the calligraphy healing to you.  Each phrase I write will contain 100s..if not 1000s of blessings and treasures.  Amazing.

I will keep everyone posted on my own progress.

I will say that as I observe Master Sha writing these calligraphy blessings I am enthralled with the amount of light.....the countless holy beings......the countless blessings that are in each one.  I know that at this time as the earth's transition begins to intensify we will need these unique healing treasures.

I have been very blessed to be able to take this training and now to be able to offer healing to others.....I would not have thought this was possible.  I am honored.

Thank you Master Sha for your love and generosity.

View the video to understand the calligraphy and this great gift to humanity and all souls.

Master Lynne

Dr. & Master Sha's Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Trailer - 6 Minutes

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Purpose of Life is to Serve

Recently I was made aware, again, that our ability to serve is really a matter of how open we are in our hearts.  The purpose of life is to serve.  How can we truly serve if we do not love each other ...if we do not love ourselves.  Yes as I have said in other blogs....self-love and compassion....are really, really important.  Without that it is difficult to experience love.  We want to know what it is...what it feels like ..to receive it...to give it.

I am constantly amazed by the rationalizations we all use to block ourselves from offering service to others.  I hear words like ..."they don't deserve it'  ..."they won't understand it"...."I am so busy...there just isn't enough time".  This is so prevalent. 

I think people have wrong ideas about service.  We had a workshop this past weekend in Toronto for Healing Practitioners and our theme was service.  In a beautiful exercise everyone really came to a deep connection with the "Heart of Service".  Every day is an opportunity to serve.  It is our perspective that needs purifying...our mindsets and belief systems.  We can serve so powerfully through acts of kindness and generosity.  A smile, a helping hand is service.  An attitude of love and support for everyone...no matter who they are....is service.  This is simple but powerful.  We heard example after example of how people are serving every day.  Chanting for others.  Making a phone call or a visit to see if someone is ok or needs some help.  Donating food at the food bank.  Sending out our Divine Healing Hands to offer a blessing.  Caring for nature...caring for our pets.....Remembering to bless our food and offering it to our Spiritual Mothers and Fathers, our teachers...first.  So many ways we can offer service.

I think the key is to be open hearted.  Open yourself fully and you will embody service.

Here is a practice we can do:

When you wake up....first thing...say THANK YOU.
Thank the Divine, the Tao, the Source...all layers of Heaven.  Thank your teacher.  Thank your souls. 
"I am so happy to have the opportunity to serve another day here on Mother Earth.  Bless me with an open heart so that I can see the opportunities in every moment."

Chant whatever you like ie. Love Peace and Harmony, Divine Love

Bow down (minimum 108 times).  Say countless bow downs three times.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Now that is an easy way to begin your day.

The Purpose of Life is to Serve!

Love you all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Compassion for Ourselves ...a Soul Healing Miracle Transformation

I have been very aware that my tendency to be 'hard on myself' is habitual.  I first noticed it when I realized how much stress I have been experiencing in my body.  A lot of stiffness in the joints and muscle tissue, pressure in the abdomen, headaches and neck aches.  When I asked for some guidance there came a burst of information about how I tell myself that I am not measuring up...not doing enough....on a very regular basis.  It is not so much that I am not succeeding or even if I am....but....the process of self-criticism and negativity is the habit.  I know it is from this lifetime and past lifetimes because it feels so ingrained.

In the Soul Healing Miracles Book written by Master Sha there is the wonderful calligraphy DA CI BEI. This means 'Greatest Forgiveness'.  I use this quite often to chant with and when I put my palm on it or put it up to my body I have experienced resistance.  This manifests in different ways.  Sometimes  I lose track of the mantra and my words are jumbled or I fall asleep or my mind jumps in and I go off on a trail of thinking. I noticed this pattern.  This is what led me to seek out soul guidance.  I received the teaching that each mantra when sung or spoken is what we become.  When we have resistance that means we do not want to align with this.  I asked further and found this deep seeded inner mantra that I am carrying regarding not being worthy or deserving of compassion from myself and from others.

Of course when we cannot come to terms with our own self....when we do not have self-compassion and self-love....it is difficult to accept this from others ...AND...we find it difficult to give it to others.

This blocks our human journey.  This blocks our soul journey.  We are here to serve and when we cannot extend ourselves ...heart to heart...to others we cannot serve fully.

This is a powerful teaching and one that keeps coming forward in my meditation.  Therefore I know that I am still carrying blockages in regard to self-compassion.

I know from talking with 100s of people over the years that I have been a counsellor and now Divine Channel...that many, many people lack this in their lives.  It is a blockage that can be worked on...but...it does require some understanding of how we manifest it in our life.  As I said earlier...we can recognize it but the process of how we do it to ourselves, our self-talk, our negativity and the manifestation in our bodies...will help us to work with it on a daily basis.

An old pattern, mindset, attitude and belief ...about ourself...about anything or anyone.....can be released, transformed successfully.  We have to apply ourselves and be more self-aware and willing to commit to the process of transformation.  I now practice regularly with Da Ci Bie mantra and with the calligraphy and the blockages are clearing.

It has been painful ...yes..to understand how I have maintained this pattern for so long...BUT...as Master Sha has shared with us in his teachings...No Pain No Gain!...We have to be willing to clear ourselves so we can evolve on our soul journey.

Practice with me now:

Dear Divine
Dear Tao
Dear Source
Dear Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ci Bei
Dear the Mantra Da Ci Bei
Dear all the saints, all of heaven and the treasures in the calligraphy
I love you honor you and appreciate you
Please clear the blockages I have for self-compassion and compassion for others
Please forgive me and my ancestors for all of our mistakes in this lifetimes and past lifetimes in this regard
I forgive others for their mistakes
I commit to serve others unconditionally to make others happier and healthier
I will work together with humanity and all souls to create Love Peace and Harmony Universal family
Thank you

Chant:   Da Ci Bei.....Da Ci Bei.....Da Ci Bei ....Da Ci Bei

Close:   Hao Hao Hao ...Thank you Thank you Thank you... Gong Song Gong Song

Practicing this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time is powerful  Use the calligraphy in the book Soul Healing Miracles figure 21.  Put your palm on it or hold it up to your heart chakra area.

We have been given great treasures to work with and the self-healing can really be successful if we do the practices.  I am a testament to that and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Much COMPASSION to you all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heart Opening Truly Brings Healing

Recently I became so aware that the heart....our Love Channel...is really the key to our healing and transformation process.  Master Sha is giving us blessings all of the time and they are filled with his unconditional love.  It is boundless.  Last weekend I received the special karma cleansing for my relationship with Divine.  This is beyond description...as when it happened I felt a tremendous opening take place...I started to cry and at the same time I had so much gratitude.  I saw how much Master Sha loves us and how he wants to help us move forward on our journey.  It is such a pure love.  Just to speak about it now I feel the tears coming again.

I realized that it is through love that we experience the healing.  When we are open...our hearts are open....When the healer is open....their heart is open....Then we have Soul Healing Miracles.

We are going through a huge transition on Mother Earth   All of us heard the calling to come here at this time. We want to serve.  When the blessings come....blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are cleared.

The blockages get in the way and we cannot move.  Our channels are blocked...our healing is blocked.

I know this with more certainty now then I did when we began in this life to learn the wisdom.  It was 11 years ago this week that I met Master Sha and started down this road again.  I know I have been with him before but I wasn't able to complete the journey and help the Mission to succeed.

It is a Mission of bringing all souls together in ...Love Peace and Harmony.  It is a Mission about bringing soul wisdom and enlightenment to all souls.  It is a Mission about healing and transforming our soul, heart, mind and body. It is a Mission about serving unconditionally to make others happier and healthier.

We can only truly serve when we are clear...purified.  Then there are blockages to the service we are offering.

I am so grateful.  All of the conditions I have spoken about are the gift for me in this life...because as I receive the blessings, do the practices, and serve....they are healing.  As I open myself to the love it is expanding more and more.....We are all blessed.!!!

Thank you Master Sha.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Be Involved in Your Healing Process!


I have learned through years of suffering with chronic conditions that it is crucial that you be involved in the process.  When you are not...then old patterns of thinking, behaving, feeling will return.  You can create New Karma when you are not conscious of yourself.  The human condition lends itself to being critical, complaintive, reactive, feeling sorry for yourself and much more.  Everyone around you is doing it and it takes will and consciousness not to participate.
FORGIVENESS is key for me and the following statement ...one sentence secret...from Master Sha.


Dear Divine,
Dear Tao,
Dear Source,
Dear Heaven and Mother Earth,
Dear all of my spiritual fathers and mothers,
Dear all Souls that I have harmed
I am sorry to have said this,
I am sorry to have behaved like this,
I am sorry to have thought this,
I am sorry that I have forgotten love, peace, and harmony
Please forgive me

Then chant:

Divine Forgiveness
Divine Forgiveness
Divine Forgiveness
Divine Forgiveness

*Tao Song and Tao Dance book...Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

This done with regularity...whenever you are conscious...or even when you remember to remember to be conscious....will really help you. 

I came into this life with chronic conditions and they have become the perfect opportunity to learn to heal and transform my soul, heart, mind and body.

Let us do forgiveness practice together...often.  It can never be too often.  Join me on Master Sha's TV Channel at 10 a.m. Eastern Time for the next month and we will do a practice Monday through Friday.


Love and Blessings to you All.....Continue to heal and transform.

Master Lynne

Monday, January 20, 2014

Soul Healing Miracles in Orillia

This has been an extraordinary week.  I have spent 8 days with Master Sha at a very special training session for all of his Divine Channels and Disciples.  We are, each one of us, so privileged to be part of his team. We are, each one of us, so privileged to be his disciples....his worldwide representatives.  I cannot say enough about that.

During this special time Master Sha shared with us a new incredible healing tool.  A FA QI.  It is a very beautiful....actually two very beautiful....fans created with eagle and peacock feathers.  The power in these FA QIs are beyond description.

As you know I have suffered with two chronic conditions.....asthma and crohn's disease.  The asthma in particular has really affected me lately and I could see that there was more to come.  It depletes my energy and really keeps me from doing all that I want to do.

Master Sha chose me and three others to demonstrate this new Fa Qi.  It was clear that my life was in jeopardy...not immediately....but down the road from this condition .....and I knew that this was a chance to prolong my life.  My soul said YES ....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

The fans were waved around me and as they began their work I saw countless blessings coming to me. Karma was cleared.  Energy blockages were cleared.  Matter blockages were cleared.  I saw dark souls leaving by the millions.  This was very old....from so many previous lifetimes...and it was embedded in every cell...every unit....in the DNA and RNA....in the spaces....in the soul.....everywhere.

I felt and saw everything being cleansed.  There were instruments cleaning and polishing...literally....my whole body.  Then treasures began pouring in.  New pink and shiny lungs.  New kidneys.  I was being rejuvenated. My life was being prolonged.  I knew this right away.

Without this tremendous healing my life would be only a few years more....as I could feel the degeneration taking place very quickly.  Since a young age I was aware that I had to struggle for every breath...and in the last few months...there was an ominous sense of the lungs really starting to shut down.  My kidneys were also being affected...and I was suffering pain in that area too.

Now as these new organs...new creation....appeared and were now integrating into my body...that sense of impending death...was leaving me.

This may seem dramatic...but I had experienced being on the brink of death more than once...and I know the feeling of the life force leaving one's body.  Master Sha had brought me back from the abyss before but this was different.   Before he had to give me some of his essence...his jing (matter) and qi (energy)...This time it was coming through the FA Qi from the highest realms of of the heavens.

I felt so grateful that I almost collapsed.  I was crying.  I was so touched.  My heart was incredibly open and so so thankful.  Master Sha's generosity...his love....overwhelmed me.

I know that my life has been prolonged.  I know that with daily practice and commitment the healing will continue and I will be here on Mother Earth to serve more.

My physical life is saved.  My soul journey is saved.

I cannot say thank you enough.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Master Sha I love you.  I am so honored to be here with you at this time and I commit myself to serve and serve and serve unconditionally.