Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tao Teachings Are Healing for Every Aspect of One's Life

Over the last five years I have been very blessed to be able to participate in new and profound teachings from the Tao.  There have been Taoist teachings in the past...BUT....the essence has been largely hidden.  Master Zhi Gang Sha is presenting this to humanity with brand new wisdom and new practices.

This will build the foundation to be able to live a very long and healthy life.  It is possible to reverse the aging process so we 'turn to the condition of a baby'.....this is called Fan Lao Huan Tong....

For those of us that have suffered with chronic physical conditions this is amazing.

I have benefited so much from these teachings.  The practices are very applicable to our daily life. 

When I was young I read the writings of Lao Tse...known as the Taoist Saint and Teacher.  I have always been attracted to the teachings...and I knew there were beings on Mother Earth who were living 100s of years...perhaps more...but I didn't know the wisdom. 

Now Master Sha is making this and much much more to everyone who hears the calling. 

There will be 5 retreats in Sedona Arizona.  Tao I, II, III, IV will be in-person and via webcast.  Tao V is an in-person event.

Truly there is no where else you can receive this teaching.  I will be there.  I know it will transform your life.  I am including below a link to find out more and to register

Tao I-V Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, November 11-28. Join me to learn sacred Tao wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques and receive soul healing blessings to heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of your life and bless your soul journey beyond words, thoughts, and comprehension.

Firuzan Mistry's photo.

Love you all....Please join me for these life changing events.

Master Lynne

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