Friday, September 19, 2014

Purification is My Friend

I have been moving through a lot of  'purification' since my return from a major retreat a month ago.  It has been physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  What that means physically for me is that I have been experiencing symptoms of the conditions I suffer from...both the asthma and the crohn's disease.  It is amazing how this works.  Master Sha talks about XIU LIAN...purification being the 'totality of one's spiritual journey'.  We all have to purify our soul, heart, mind and body.  Clear all blockages.  

When this deep purification emerges we are really blessed.  It is a tremendous opportunity to move further on our soul journey faster. 


If we can see this is a great opportunity and truly be grateful....we will see the results demonstrated in every aspect of our human life and our soul journey.

I have witnessed my own process and see that this is revealing some very, very old blockages.  They have been with me for so many lifetimes. 

Deep wells of grief and sadness, fear and more.  This is so wonderful when I can see what is at the root of these blockages.  It affirms so much of the wisdom.  The soul carries the history of our past lives and it manifest in our body, in our mind, in our emotions. 

I have been doing a practice for my lungs quite often and lots of forgiveness.  Here is one practice for the lungs:

Metal Element....Practice for the Lungs, Large Intestine, nose, and skin, as well as grief and sadness

Body Power:  Point your ring fingers at each other so that the tips are as close as possible without touching. (ring finger represents the Metal element)  Hold in front of your lower abdomen below the navel

Sound Power:  Chant repeatedly
                         Gain lung power, thank you
                         Gain large intestine power, thank you
                         Gain nose power, thank you
                         Gain skin power, thank you
                         Inner Beauty Outer Beauty, thank you
                         Heal sadness and grief, thank you

Mind Power:  Visualize golden light radiating throughout your lungs, large intestine, nose and skin

Soul Power: 
                      Dear Divine, Tao, Source and beloved Master Sha
                      Dear soul mind and body of my ring fingers,
                      Dear soul mind and body of my lungs, large intestine, nose and skin
                      Dear soul mind and body of all of my systems, organs and cells
                      Dear soul mind and body of all Metal elements in all universes
                      I love you honor you and appreciate you
                      You have the power to heal my lungs, large intestine, nose and skin
                      You have the power to heal and transform sadness and grief
                       Do a good job.
                      Thank you very much

Close:  after 10 minutes
             Hao Hao Hao     Thank you  Thank you  Thank you.

(excerpts from Divine Transformation book...Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha)

Do this practice often and you will feel things shift.  Remember

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