Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inner Peace and Inner Joy through Forgiveness

Recently I had the opportunity to really focus on what I would call some 'unfinished business' in some of my relationships.  I noticed that I was experiencing some negativity when I saw certain people, thought of certain people or even looked at a picture of certain people.  Some of them have already transitioned too.

When there is a reaction to someone or a situation, I know that I have to transform this really quickly.  Why?  If we don't transform it then we will carry even more karma than is already there between oneself and this person.  We know there is karma or we wouldn't feel what we are feeling. 

How to do this? Master Sha has given us some incredible tools to work with.  In the Soul Healing Miracles book there is a calligraphy called Da Kuan Shu.  This translates to 'greatest forgiveness'. We can use this calligraphy....trace it with our fingers, and/or put it on our message centre....and chant with it.  Each calligraphy carries tremendous blessings.  There is a 'source field' of love, forgiveness, compassion and light that is created by each of them.  They carry source matter (jing), energy (chi) and shen (soul, heart and mind).  So...to chant with the Da Kuan Shu is to benefit in many ways.

Here is a way to practice:

Dear Divine, Dear Tao, The Source
Dear the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Kuan Shu
Dear all the saints, Heaven's saints, animals and Heaven's Treasures within the calligraphy

I am honored to receive your blessing to help me to transform

Please forgive my ancestors and me for all of the mistakes that we have made in all lifetimes

Dear the souls that we have harmed, hurt or taken advantage of in all lifetimes

I deeply apologize for all the mistakes

Dear all the souls that have harmed, hurt or taken advantage of me, my family, my ancestors

We forgive you

I will serve other unconditionally to make others happier and healthier

I will work together with humanity and all souls to create a Love Peace Harmony Universal Family

Love you   Love you  Love  you

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

.Now chant Da Kuan Shu for a minimum of ten minutes.  Visualize these souls in front of you surrounded by light and infused with light. 

If there are specific people you wish to focus on ...you can do that.

*I do this many times daily.  When I do I think about the people, past and present, that I have had the reaction to.  Is it still there?  Do I feel more inner peace and inner joy when I think of them?  This is a measurement of success.  This is forgiveness.

Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

Blessings to all.  We cannot do enough forgiveness work.

Master Lynne


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