Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heart Opening Truly Brings Healing

Recently I became so aware that the heart....our Love really the key to our healing and transformation process.  Master Sha is giving us blessings all of the time and they are filled with his unconditional love.  It is boundless.  Last weekend I received the special karma cleansing for my relationship with Divine.  This is beyond when it happened I felt a tremendous opening take place...I started to cry and at the same time I had so much gratitude.  I saw how much Master Sha loves us and how he wants to help us move forward on our journey.  It is such a pure love.  Just to speak about it now I feel the tears coming again.

I realized that it is through love that we experience the healing.  When we are open...our hearts are open....When the healer is open....their heart is open....Then we have Soul Healing Miracles.

We are going through a huge transition on Mother Earth   All of us heard the calling to come here at this time. We want to serve.  When the blessings come....blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are cleared.

The blockages get in the way and we cannot move.  Our channels are blocked...our healing is blocked.

I know this with more certainty now then I did when we began in this life to learn the wisdom.  It was 11 years ago this week that I met Master Sha and started down this road again.  I know I have been with him before but I wasn't able to complete the journey and help the Mission to succeed.

It is a Mission of bringing all souls together in ...Love Peace and Harmony.  It is a Mission about bringing soul wisdom and enlightenment to all souls.  It is a Mission about healing and transforming our soul, heart, mind and body. It is a Mission about serving unconditionally to make others happier and healthier.

We can only truly serve when we are clear...purified.  Then there are blockages to the service we are offering.

I am so grateful.  All of the conditions I have spoken about are the gift for me in this life...because as I receive the blessings, do the practices, and serve....they are healing.  As I open myself to the love it is expanding more and more.....We are all blessed.!!!

Thank you Master Sha.


  1. Congratulations Master Lynne; what a beautiful way to celebrate the anniversary of meeting Master Sha!

  2. Dear Beloved Master Lynne, Thank you so much for this beautiful Post. You are one of the role models that i follow. The message about opening the heart to become a miracle soul healer went deeper in me. Thank you again. I love you so very much CBD CBD CBD