Monday, June 16, 2014

Healing Through Sacred Calligraphy

I have been fortunate enough to be present at the first ever Source Chinese Calligraphy Training in Toronto Canada.

The Source Calligraphy can be applied anywhere anytime to heal soul, heart, mind and body; boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity; open spiritual channels; and transform relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

We were all totally immersed in this.  There were about 160 people from all over the world.  After 7 days of training....we all passed.  I can now write the sacred phrases....Ling Guan... Soul Light and Tao Guan.....Tao Light quite well.  It is a 'one stroke' brush, ink and paper application...We used a special paper and water instead of practice.  It is so amazing because it is truly done with one continuous stroke and must be perfectly balanced.  I loved this.

I am also now going to become a Calligraphy Healer so I can write these phrases for someone and they will be blessed with a soul healing...even remotely. 

Master Sha also used his own calligraphy to offer me a blessing for my lungs...which were very heavily congested.  I am much better now. 

Every day I am truly amazed by the treasures that Master Sha is bringing to us.  This is a most powerful healing tool.  I really am looking forward to sharing this with so many people.

If you have a condition that requires me so I can offer the calligraphy healing to you.  Each phrase I write will contain 100s..if not 1000s of blessings and treasures.  Amazing.

I will keep everyone posted on my own progress.

I will say that as I observe Master Sha writing these calligraphy blessings I am enthralled with the amount of light.....the countless holy beings......the countless blessings that are in each one.  I know that at this time as the earth's transition begins to intensify we will need these unique healing treasures.

I have been very blessed to be able to take this training and now to be able to offer healing to others.....I would not have thought this was possible.  I am honored.

Thank you Master Sha for your love and generosity.

View the video to understand the calligraphy and this great gift to humanity and all souls.

Master Lynne

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