Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been afflicted with two chronic physical conditions.....asthma and crohn's disease.  Both of them are challenging and potentially life threatening BUT they have proved to be a tremendous opportunity for my total life transformation..   I have learned that all of our issues...physical, mental, emotional, spiritual....are ultimately about our soul journey. 

In this blog I will take you through my healing process.  I will share my experiences and the lessons learned along the way.  I will teach you how to heal and transform your life challenges.  I will share my soul healing miracle story.

I invite you, your family and friends, to join me.  We are all walking this road together. Everyone's life has obstacles.  Through understanding and applying the power of the soul we will not only heal ourselves but truly find greater joy and success. 

Together we will all create soul healing miracles in our lives!


  1. Dear Master Lynne,

    I am so looking Forward to read more about your Soul healing miracle journey!

    Especially since I was also diagnosed with Asthma and Coeliac Disease I really can relate. Without many Blessings and Services I received from Master Sha and his WWRs I know that I would have lost my live already.

    With cronic diseases where there is no cure in western medicine it is such a great gift to connect with Master Sha and Soul healing miracles. There finally is the answer how to become better and healthy again!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    With love and light from Germany!

  2. Thank you so much for connecting. It is wonderful to know we can share our experiences. Blessings to you.