Thursday, November 7, 2013

WHY AM I HERE....Childhood Awareness

When I was a child I was often ill.  Most of the time I had some kind of respiratory issue. Many bouts of pneumonia, bronchitis, and colds.  I spent long hours in my bed or on a couch in front of the television set.  I don't remember how old I was but at some point I started to bring a writing pad and pencil into my sick bed.  Poems, diary notes, thoughts, reveries....anything that came to me...were written down.  I already had quite a vivid daydreaming it felt natural to capture some of it this way. My illness became an opportunity to open up a whole world of thoughts, images, ideas and questions.  I remember writing down these words:


This was where my soul journey in this life really began. 

I continued to ask and then later I began to write down my suppositions or 'supposes'.  Like...I suppose I am here to learn the answer to these questions.  Indeed I was. I still am.

As I look back on these times a profound sense of Gratitude comes to me.  I am so grateful that I was able to see the gift that was there for me.  Being ill I had the time and opportunity to learn and explore.  It was very much like unwrapping a present.  I began the quest and my soul guided me to it does today.

Listen to your soul. There is so much wisdom there already.  Many answers will come to you as they did for me.  See the Gift.

I am so happy to have these memories and to see the evolution of my soul journey in this life.

Let me know about yours. 

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